b. 1986, HK.


Chip Tompkins is a filmmaker and photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas. He is the founder and operating producer of End of the River Productions ©. In his work, Chip seeks to translate creative inspiration into new realities for the viewer.

Tompkins is best known for his direction of the acclaimed music video “Coming Home” by the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Leon Bridges. In addition to Bridges, he has directed music videos for other notable artists and musical groups, including Ronnie Heart, Gollay, and upcoming videos for LEV (“Last Mouth Running”) and Rebelution (“City Life”). 

Chip works to build inventive and collaborative environments with each artist who entrusts him with their work. Allowing creative energy to flow, while maintaining a clear, focused, and detail-oriented vision of the base storyline are strong features of his film-making process. 

Working in the medium of music videos has awarded Chip the opportunity to advance poetic storylines using experimental methods. He applies these experiences to every project he takes on, including documentaries, short films, and commercial work.

In addition to projects for hire through his production company, Chip is currently working on a new short film (working title: “Moon Dog”), to be shot in Fort Worth and released in 2019.